Drawing of Neptune seen from Triton


A drawing of Neptune as seen from its moon Triton. Some natural phenomena specific to Triton are visible - liquid nitrogen geysers and lakes. Triton has a very thin atmosphere, but it should form nitrogen mist near the surface. Triton’s surface is new as it has tectonic activity, but there might be a few craters here and there, as the one seen on the drawing.

The drawing was made on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with the Sketchbook app.

Drawing of Neptune as seen from Triton

PS: After discussing with a friend, it seems that the atmosphere of Triton could be such that it gives orange tint to sunlight, especially at sunrise or sunset. So I decided to make another variant of the drawing with more orange colors. I think I like it more that way.

What can also be seen on the picture are Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, shining near the sun.

Drawing of Neptune as seen from Triton (orange version)

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